Štěňata minibulteriérů plánujeme v druhé polovině 2020.

Puppies of miniature bullterriers planned the mid to end 2020. We look forward to our first litter of miniature bullterriers in 2020.

Every puppy from our kennel will receive a pedigree from Czech Kennel Club ( ČMKU), and then also a FCI pedigree. If you buy a puppy with pedigree you are not obliged to go with him for a show. The pedigree means that your dog will have a character which you expect - full of temperament, not agresive, intelligent dog. We breed our puppies at home, keeping contact with our child and other dogs and if weather allows spending a lot of time in garden, using sunbaths and fresh air. Puppies leave our kennel in the age of 8 weeks when they are vaccinated and several times dewormed. Every new owner gets: - each needed documents - export pedigree from Czech Kennel Club (ČMKU) and pet passport, information sheet for buyers - first food and toys - for the first days in new home. Puppy will be identified by microchip.

More details will appear soon.

If you are seriously interested, please contact us immediately.






C team


Courage girl

Courage girl

Cinnamon boy

Cinnamon boy

Courage girl

Cupcake boy

Curiosity girl

Camill boy

Camill boy

Cardinal boy

Cardinal boy

 Rodokmen/Pedigree for last litter.

Night Prince Avendesora

Picabo’s Blue Hope

Picabo’s Cutty Sark

Astrospring’s Philyra

Genuine Joy Darrem Canis

Parsifal Elegance della Giuliana

Barecho Just My Style

Adamant´s Show Me Heaven

High Score On-The-Move


Wongan Kadenza

High Score Imagine-Me

Adamant´s Summer Fantasy

Whisborne Angus Og

Adamant´s Estee Lauder



Our kennel is breeding in accordance with the rules of the FCI .  


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